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Maintenance of Leased Assets

Maintenance of Leased Assets


Ongoing Maintenance of the Leased Property

Keeping your property well maintained is a major concern.

Property Pros uses experts from many fields.  

They include the following:

• Plumbers for handling water damage and faulty pipes

• Sealant Specialists

• Electricians

• Solar and electric boiler technicians

• Locksmiths

• Handymen


Property Renovation

Property Pros works closely with trusted construction professionals and will play an active role in meeting your expectations. We will help you from start to finish. An on-sight manager with ensure the quality of materials and workmanship ensuring you a satisfactory completed project.


Visiting the Property in your Absence

We are now offering a new service.  If your property will be empty for a short or long period of time we are offering a visiting/watching service.  According to you needs, we can create the feeling that someone is living on the property-- switching on lights, opening the blinds, hanging laundry, emptying the mailbox, or even providing a 24 -hour human presence.  Our trusted representative can make sure that all is in “working order.”  You can even request preparations done before your return.


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