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Property Management and Rental 

Preparing the Property for Rental


Property Pros will prepare your property and ensure its attractiveness to prospective occupants.

Preparation includes:

• Thorough cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom and all rooms in the apartment/commercial property.

• Painting walls for a clean, new look

• Ensuring that all plumbing is satisfactory and changing pipes when needed.

• Performing minor repairs and installing accessories.

• Treatment of mold and damp stains.

• Updating the appearance  

Property Pros ensures the property has all the necessary amenities and is ready for viewings.


Handling the Contract and Finding Tenants

Property Pros will represent you by dealing with the necessary business transactions between the tenant and both the local authorities and utility companies.

Managing and Collecting Payments

You can choose the type of payment plan that works best for you. Payments can be directly sent to you or through Property Pros.

Periodic and Annual Maintenance Reports

Properties will be checked periodically and at the end of each rental period. Detailed reports will include a full breakdown of the maintenance, payments, and any communication with the tenant.


Rental Continuity Assurance Package *

Property Pros leases the property from you in exchange for a fixed, agreed monthly payment and leases it to sub-tenants. Thus, you can profit from a property that is leased continuously to a credible entity with a strong financial backbone without the hassle of finding and managing tenants.

* For chosen assets only, at our discretion.


Legal advice and guidance

Property Pros can provide you with a wide range of legal services and legal advice regarding your property. We can represent you in small claims court dealing with possible situations that could include: lack of payments, eviction of undesirable tenants and payments for damage.


For more information on services and property management for rentals and to coordinate an introductory meeting, contact us.

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We know what it takes to provide high quality customer service.  We are ready to help you with your property.

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